Miniature Donkeys Offered For Sale Currently Highlighted...
We have Quality Jennets and some very nice jacks that are offered for sale.  Pictures coming soon.  If you are interested before the pictures are posted, please call 214-649-2186.   Posted May 13, 2007
Additional Donkeys / Pictures will be posted soon...  If you are interested in the donkeys before we get them posted, please email or call us:  Cell 214-649-2186
We will be posting the new borns soon!!!!

More new babies born, VERY CORRECT & COMPACT.  We have some in the new hot
DEEP CHERRY COLOR with White Stars....  PICs COMING SOON!!!!!!!

We have many for sale...  Additional Pictures will be posted soon! 
Please feel free to contact us on our cell 214-649-2186
Mules For Sale
Some our our New Born Foals....
Lil' Longears Midnight Rider
Born Feb 24, 2005, 21" Tall at Birth
BLACK With Cross and White Star Jack

Dam:  Lil' Longears Gus's Midnight 32" Black/Bay
Grand Sire: Sunrise Mountain Augustus III, "Gus", World, International & National Champion in Both Halter & Perfomance, Rose Dun 30 7/8" Tall

Sire: Half Ass Acres Harlequin Jack, Reserve National Champion Halter Jack,
31" Tall, Dark Brown & White Spot
Lil' Longears Gus' Stetson, 20" Tall at Birth
Rose Dun Jack Born March 23, 2005
Dam: Muriel's Fun Farm Maybelline, Grey & White Spotted Jennet
Sire: Sunrise Mountain Augustus III "Gus"
Full Brother to Gus' Revelon, Reserve Int'l Champion Jennet
Gus' Covergirl, 2003 Grand Champion Jennet in North American Breeder's Sweepstakes, Calgary Canada & Top 3 in the 2003 World Show
This Jack has the ENTIRE Package: Conformation, Rose Color to help him be a color producer, look at me attitude, PERSONALITY+,  Etc Etc........
Full Sister Revelon...Revelon's first foal was a True Black Jack...
Full Sister Covergirl...
Stetson's well defined leg markings, Ankle Buttons, Zipper stripes and tiger stripes...
Full Brother Calvin...
Lil' Longears Rosebud's Gun Slinger
Born March 30, 2005, 19" Tall at birth
Dam: Lil' Longears Gus' Rosebud, 2002 WORLD NMDA GRAND CHAMPION JENNET, Rose Dun 32" Tall

Sire: Half Ass Acres Harlequin Jack, Reserve National Champion Halter Jack,
31" Tall, Dark Brown & White Spot

Lil' Longears Blackies "TBA"
Born March 25, 2005, 20" Tall at birth
Dam: Sunset Acres Molly 33" Tall

Sire: 33 1/4" True Black Jack, Circle C Motown's Black Gold
Who has extremely strong BLACK Genes...

Pictures coming soon...
Lil' Longears Blackies Buffy
Sire: Circle C Motown's Black Gold "Blackie"
Dam: B & B Texas Angel
20" Tall at Birth
Lil' Longears Blackies Queenie
True Black Jennet with small White Star Born 04-04-04
Sire: Circle C Motown's Black Gold "Blackie"
Dam: Sunset Acres Molly
20" Tall at Birth
Barely 2 hours old...
Barely 2 hours old...
Hour old & learning to walk...
Less than an hour old & learning to stand...
Lil' Longears Painted Chief, 15 1/2" Tall at birth
Dam: Lil' Longears Gus' Lil' Bit , 28 3/4" Tall
Sire: Pee Wee, 32 1/4" Gray & White Spotted, 30" Tall
SOLD to Crossfire Farm in New York
Lil' Longears Gus' Cupcake 20" Tall at birth

Dam: Lil' Longears Sunset's Twilight , 32 1/2" Tall
Sire: Sunrise Mountain Augustus III, "GUS", 30 7/8" Tall

Full Sister to World Grand Champion Jack, Gus' Hot Shot!!!
Bowman Gus' Jesse 19 3/4" Tall at birth
Dam: Bowman's Lola , 31" Tall
Sire: Sunrise Mountain Augustus III, "GUS", 30 7/8" Tall
Yogi Berra,  G & W Spotted mini jack born August 2002
Dam: G & W Spotted Jenny 32.5", Aspen
Sire: Luigi, 30" Gray Dun with Red hi-lights
Sold to Jesse Adamson in Texas
Congratulations on your purchase!!  We appreciate it!!
Equine Express leaving with Emma and Theresa...