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"LuLu" 3 years old Large Standard/Mammoth Donkey Jenney will mature around 52" to 54". 
Dark Drown/Black & White Spotted Large Standard Donkey Jennet.  She is
bleached from the sun in these candid shots...
She has the disposition and build to show or breed or have as a pet... 
She still is sheeding her winter coat but is dark brown with some black mixed in the brown...
Her sire is 53" Tall, Frosted Black & White Spotted Large Standard Donkey
Her dam is 52" Tall, Lollipop pictured below, Black/Brown & white Spotted Jennet

This jenny is very well balanced with a good build and the color to boot!
Myrtle $1,000
5 years old Gray Dun Standard Donkey Jennet...
Approximately 52" Tall
Her Sire is a Mammoth 55" Tall
Excellent riding prospect!!

Lil' Longears Skeeter $750
BORN June 2, 2004
Candid Shots...
Skeeter at 10 months old & Black Jack at coming 2 years old pictured below...
Yearling Black Large Standard Donkey Jack...
Will mature around 49" to 50"
His sire is 49" Black
His dam is Picture behind him below.  She is a black & White Spotted jennet, 50 " Tall
$500 Jack Colt, "Black Jack"

Black & White Jennet, approx 49" tall,
6 years old, Exposed to a large std spotted jack $1100
Lillongears "Lollipop"
Large Standard Jennet
Approximately 52" Tall

Black & White Spotted Jennet

6 Years Old

Pictured in the right side of the below photo...
7 Year Old Dark Brown/Black & White Spotted Jack... Small Standard Donkey
Extremely Gentle: Rides and Drives!!!
47" Tall Pasture Breeds gentle or can be gelded!!
$1500  For Boots
$1250 for the Amish made cart & Nylon Harness
$2500 for the Cart, Harness & Boots
SOLD Congratulations to
Beverly Dale in Tucson, Az
We have others like Boots available...
9 years old Spotted Large Standard Donkey
Approximately 53" Tall
Broke to ride...
Colt on side from National Champion Spotted Mammoth Jack, 57" tall

Jennet Only: $2,500
Sold Congratulations to Angela Sidlo in Oregon!!!!
B & L Farms Dakota
Mammoth Spotted Jack Colt...
Sire: 57" Spotted Mammoth Jack, National Champion
Sold Congratulations to
Philip Baker in Utah!!!!
Some Candid Shots...
Please contact us if you are interested in any donkeys...  We have many others not be posted here!
Our cell number is 214-649-2186, Email
We have some jennet mammoths at 55"...  The majority average around 50"...  We have a few around 42"...
4 Year Old Dark Brown & White Spotted Jack...
Extremely Gentle
49" Tall
9 Year Old Gray & White Spotted Jack...
Extremely Gentle
53" Tall
4 yrs old Black Jack with LPs ...
Extremely Gentle
49" Tall
The remainder Jennets in this picture...
Equine Express leaving with Emma and Theresa...
Congratulations on your purchase!!  We appreciate it!!